To motivate and encourage members to compete in races and work to improve their times the club uses a set of standards, Bronze, Silver and Gold - each of these having levels 3, 2 or best of all 1.

Club standards from the last 20 race performances acheived by members are shown below. From April 2015 club standards are based on the 2015 WMA dataset so relate to worlds best times in given ages. The age grade % is your time compared to the worlds best shown as a percentage. eg 100% would mean you'd have equaled the worlds best time for your age.

Between January and March 2015, Standards were based on the 2006 WMA dataset. Standards up until the end of 2014 were loosely based around the 1994 WAVA datset and club records of that time.

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NameStandardTimeDistanceRaceAgeDateNext StdAge Grade %
Verity Webber2 Star02:24:46halfCambridge Half Marathon 2020U/3508-03-2006:1245.08
Jeff HiggonSilver 303:03:1120mileEssex 20 2020O/6501-03-2005:3166.15
Matthew FriendSilver 102:03:3720mileEssex 20 2020U/4001-03-2005:2074.25
Helen BenhamBronze 101:22:5410mileTarpley 10 2020O/4023-02-2002:3061.58
Alison EvansSilver 301:36:1810mileTarpley 10 2020O/5523-02-2005:1964.43
Helen BenhamBronze 101:50:47halfGreat Bentley Half Marathon 2020O/4002-02-2004:3460.88
Ruth BenhamBronze 202:01:21halfGreat Bentley Half Marathon 2020O/3502-02-2008:5654.47
Valentina BurleySilver 301:56:31halfGreat Bentley Half Marathon 2020O/5002-02-2006:2864.41
Steve ManleyBronze 101:50:20halfGreat Bentley Half Marathon 2020O/5002-02-2004:5960.63
Alexander McCreadieBronze 200:38:485mileWinter Handicap 2019U/4024-11-1901:4756.1
Emma DuffyBronze 200:44:185mileWinter Handicap 2019U/3524-11-1903:0754.67
Francis MillsSilver 300:33:505mileWinter Handicap 2019O/4024-11-1900:5866.26
Jennifer GriffithsBronze 300:48:425mileWinter Handicap 2019O/4024-11-1901:4352.19
Julian CordwellBronze 200:49:305mileWinter Handicap 2019O/6524-11-1902:2555.93
Karen StapletonSilver 200:36:345mileWinter Handicap 2019O/4024-11-1901:5968.96
Miranda RaynerBronze 200:51:145mileWinter Handicap 2019O/5024-11-1903:4754.46
Steve ManleySilver 300:38:035mileWinter Handicap 2019O/5024-11-1901:5364.83
Bethany Godfrey1 Star00:57:225mileWinter Handicap 2019U/3524-11-1903:2142.18
Craig Manley3 Star00:43:165mileWinter Handicap 2019U/4024-11-1900:0349.35
Jodi ThomasBronze 200:43:585mileWinter Handicap 2019U/3524-11-1902:4255.19