To motivate and encourage members to compete in races and work to improve their times the club uses a set of standards, Bronze, Silver and Gold - each of these having levels 3, 2 or best of all 1.

Club standards from the last 20 race performances acheived by members are shown below. From April 2015 club standards are based on the 2015 WMA dataset so relate to worlds best times in given ages. The age grade % is your time compared to the worlds best shown as a percentage. eg 100% would mean you'd have equaled the worlds best time for your age.

Between January and March 2015, Standards were based on the 2006 WMA dataset. Standards up until the end of 2014 were loosely based around the 1994 WAVA datset and club records of that time.

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NameStandardTimeDistanceRaceAgeDateNext StdAge Grade %
Keith BrettonBronze 301:56:47halfGreat North Run 2019O/4008-09-1904:1152.16
Martha SpoonerBronze 303:04:41halfClacton Half Marathon 2019O/7018-08-1901:4553.59
Scott BrianBronze 100:48:4010kmClacton 10k 2019O/4518-08-1903:1659.25
Martha SpoonerBronze 300:40:115kmHarwich 5k Race 5 2019O/7030-07-1900:3853.26
Deborah SmithBronze 201:00:2710kmIpswich Twilight 10k 2019O/5026-07-1900:0158.78
Karl LeachBronze 100:52:5310kmIpswich Twilight 10k 2019O/5526-07-1903:2959.31
Amos SeddenSilver 200:45:245mileSummer Handicap 2019O/7523-07-1900:3372.03
Andrew WilliamsonSilver 200:35:365mileSummer Handicap 2019O/5023-07-1902:0268.73
Christina PrettySilver 300:47:235mileSummer Handicap 2019O/5523-07-1902:4764.19
Claire BransbySilver 200:39:425mileSummer Handicap 2019O/5023-07-1902:1868.68
Claire Coe Bronze 300:51:105mileSummer Handicap 2019O/4523-07-1903:2350.52
Emma BarrBronze 300:48:035mileSummer Handicap 2019U/3523-07-1903:1750.4
Heidi Seddon2 Star00:57:385mileSummer Handicap 2019O/4523-07-1901:0346.24
Jason MeachenSilver 100:30:545mileSummer Handicap 2019O/4523-07-1900:2476.59
Jez DownsBronze 200:38:595mileSummer Handicap 2019U/4023-07-1901:2656.65
Matthew FriendSilver 100:29:025mileSummer Handicap 2019U/4023-07-1901:3473.42
Matthew PumfreyBronze 100:36:305mileSummer Handicap 2019U/4023-07-1902:1059.73
Muriel LoveringBronze 100:42:455mileSummer Handicap 2019O/4023-07-1903:0258.99
Nicola ChallisSilver 300:38:575mileSummer Handicap 2019O/3523-07-1902:3863.59
Penny BarringtonSilver 300:42:265mileSummer Handicap 2019O/4523-07-1902:5563.51