#1 02-05-2011 08:03:52

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5k series

Please sign up here to be a marshal

Timekeeper - PG
List check for Peter -

Pen call -
List check pre start -

Marshal1, Park exit -

Marshal2+3, Sharp turn onto Prom -

Marshal4+5, Stone Pier & 1k marker -

Marshal6, Turn Point & k markers 2,3,4 -

Timekeeper - PG
Pushers -
Disc hand out x3 -

Helpers before and after (running)



#2 02-05-2011 11:27:02

Diane Warner
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Re: 5k series

Hi G,

I will marshal




#3 02-05-2011 16:23:59

Barry Hammick
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Re: 5k series

At the moment I'm not sure if I'm around but if you get stuck nearer the time let me know and if I'm free I'll come along.



#4 03-05-2011 07:48:39

Tim Warner
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Re: 5k series

Happy to help for all five events.



#5 06-05-2011 18:50:05

Terry Smith

Re: 5k series

I can marshall on the first one at least ,can i do on the sharp turn onto the Prom as i can head straight there on my motorbike as its a long walk and i may get tired !.


#6 10-05-2011 15:45:03

Richard Flutter
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Re: 5k series

What you like ???  Trade in the motorbike for a pogo stick and bounce back to the finish,that may knacker you out!!!  wink



#7 16-05-2011 18:34:10

Becky McCorquodale
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Re: 5k series

Unfortunately, I will be available to marshal this Thursday. Could I have a post that doesn't involve too much walking there and back, as I can only hobble slowly right now? sad



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