#1 19-04-2010 13:58:20

Dan Pearce
Harwich Runner
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Marathon weather

Here it is, looks warm! http://www.netweather.tv/index.cgi?acti … 18354~City of London;sess=#forecast



#2 19-04-2010 14:10:22

Barry Hammick
Harwich Runner
From: Manningtree
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Re: Marathon weather

As long as there aren't toad and locust showers we should be prepared! ;-)



#3 19-04-2010 18:39:32

Richard Flutter
Harwich Runner
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Re: Marathon weather

Just a message of good luck and admiration to all the runners doing the marathon on sunday....Im still injured after ripping a tendon to pieces in the sudbury 5,but am hoping to come out and cheer you all on,over Tower-bridge or canary wharf..




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