Juniors meet the first and third Saturday of each month. Meet outside the cricket club in Low Road 10:00am - 11:00am Children need to be over eight years old and will be able to participate in the following club events -

Level 2 Coach: Carol Cordwell (01206 395103) Level 1 Coach: Trevor Matthews (07460732480) Level 1 Coaches : Becca McCrea Harwich Juniors is open to any children between 8 years and 14 years. There are always at least 2 adults present at a session. We meet at 10am at the Low Road carpark outside the Cricket Club at Dovercourt. The session lasts for around 45 minutes, so we are finished by 11am. Children can choose what they wear but they must have trainers on. All the training is outside so we adapt to the weather. The training provided is aimed at all abilities and ages, so that everyone can join in at their own pace. We try to provide a fun introduction to running while showing techniques which will help in the long term. Sessions begin with a warm up, then drills and the main part of the session (sprints, endurance, pace, etc). We have recovery activities with games and normally finish with relays. We have training sessions on the 1st, 3rd and 5th Saturday of the month. We don’t have any sessions in August. If you are interested, why don’t you come and try a few sessions to see if you like it? The cost for the year for all Juniors is £10. This is renewable in April. MARCH 2015: MEMBERSHIP IS NOW UP FOR REMEWAL. You may have been sent your renewals on line, but we have forms if you have not received them. The subs for the year are £10 for all Juniors. If you are over 11 years you have the option to join the UKA for an extra £12. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me Carol Cordwell on 01206 395103.
09-01-20JANUARY 2017 On Saturday 17th December on a cold and very foggy morning we held our Christmas run. A game of shark attack led by Father Christmas and Becca followed by a fun warm up prepared our 40 children for their two laps of our 1 mile run. Before they began we presented the trophies for 2106. Always very difficult to choose who should receive them, we actually presented three this year. Boy’s Junior Runner of 2016 -- Eddison Barker Girl’s Junior Runner of 2016 -- Daisy Ward Most Improved Junior Runner of 2016 -- Eleanor Newman Despite the fog which made it very hard to see the course, the children gave Father Christmas and his elf helper Archie a head start as they led them around the course. First to cross the finish line was Michael Knowles, followed by Samuel Barstow and then in third place came Tony Greenwood. Closely followed by the rest of the runners everyone had a present from Father Christmas’s sack. We would like to thank all those who came and all of our helpers including Becca, Janet, Marilyn, Archie and Father Christmas. The Cross Countries have been well attended and a lot of the Junior’s have now tried the park runs. It is nice to see everyone taking part in other running events. We have had a good attendance at the training sessions and everyone has been working hard. Please remember that the weather is getting colder, so please have enough clothes on including gloves and hats. There are still three more cross countries to go: Sunday 22nd January at the Suffolk Food Hall in Ipswich, Sunday 29th January at Writtle, in Chelmsford and on Sunday 19th February at Notley park, Braintree. There are several more runs to look forward to, our 1 mile runs during the 5K series, our Easter run and a 1 mile run at Little Bromley on Sunday 9th April. We will give you more details as the runs get closer. We still meet at the Cricket club, off Low Road, Dovercourt and everyone between the ages of 8 and 14 years is welcome. The session starts at 10am and finishes around 45 minutes later. The aim is to provide a session that is suitable for all ages and abilities. Please don’t forget that if you have a Passport for Learning we can sign this for you. On Saturday 23rd July we held our Sports Fun morning. On this lovely hot day we had around 22 children taking part. Trevor started everyone off with a game of Shark attack followed by warm ups and then a run around the cricket area, slightly shorter than normal. Oliver came in first followed by Michael and then Daisy third, the other children shortly following. We then had some races which the children took part in very nicely, finishing with a parachute game. It is always a lovely morning with the parents watching and a holiday atmosphere. Thanks go to Janet and Marilyn who did a lovely job, handing out drinks, etc. We hope that you have all enjoyed the summer holidays and are getting ready for the autumn term. As normal there will be sessions on the first, third and fifth Saturdays of the month. Although we would like to begin at 10am please note that we will definitely start at 10.10am and finish for 11am. The sessions last for around 45 minutes. We meet in front of the Cricket Club (at the back if the car park is busy) at the car park, Low Road, Dovercourt. We then have at least two adults who provide a structured and hopefully enjoyable training session. The Juniors are open to any children between the ages of 8 and 14 years. We aim to encourage the development of running for a mixture of abilities through varied games and training. Clothing is up to the individual (please remember to wear enough if cold) but sensible trainers must be worn. Please don’t forget that we have been accepted by the Children’s University as a learning destination. This means that if you have a ‘Passport for Learning’, you can bring it along for us to sign. We welcome anyone who would like to try the Juniors and see if they would like to join us. Membership for the year is only £10 (renewable in April). The Cross Country season starts around November but we will give details nearer the time of runs you can take part in. There is also the 1 mile Christmas run to look forward to, again details nearer the time. website
10-01-20It has been a very busy time and our Juniors have been working hard at the training sessions. Becca has gone to America to work with Camp America for a few months and will be returning in September. We are pleased to see Trevor back with us again for a little while. The 1 mile runs are now underway, and it has been nice to see some Juniors taking part. There are still two more to do in July. Penny Barrington has very kindly organised a Junior team for the Ekiden Relays. This should be a very exciting event. There is another training session on the 2nd of July and then we will be having our sports morning, see below. Please note that the session will be a week later than normal. We then have our break during August and will return on Saturday 3rd September. On Saturday 19th December we held our Christmas Run. Starting the morning with a game of shark attack led by Becca and Father Christmas, we then had a fun warm up. We then presented our trophies for 2015. Always a hard decision, as we have such good Juniors to choose from. Junior Runner of the Year 2015 – Gabriella Bertram Most Improved Junior Runner of the Year 2015 – William Turner Although the ground was very wet in places, the mild weather was perfect for Father Christmas and Archie the Elf to lead the children round the two lap course. After a head start, around 36 children followed and finally completed the 1 mile run. First to finish was Michael Knowles, followed by Matthew Cooper and then Samuel Barstow. Everyone received presents from Father Christmas. We would like to thank all those who came and our helpers including Becca, Janet, Marilyn, Archie and Father Christmas. A lot of our juniors have been taking part in the Cross Countries and park runs. It is lovely to see such enthusiasm for running events. We have had good attendances at the training sessions and have been concentrating on endurance running. We have been spoilt with quite mild weather but please remember to bring enough clothing if it turns cold! There are still three more cross countries to go: Sunday 24th January 2016 at Hadleigh, Sunday 14th February 2016 at Chelmsford and finally Sunday 28th February 2016 at the Suffolk Food Hall. We have several runs to look forward to over the next year, including our Easter Run and the 1 mile runs during the 5K series. There will also be a new 2K run at Little Bromley on Sunday 10th April. We will let you know more information about these and any other runs as they come up. website

Coach: Carol 01206 395103