Juniors meet the first and third Saturday of each month. Meet outside the cricket club in Low Road 10:00am - 11:00am Children need to be over eight years old and will be able to participate in the following club events -

Level 2 Coach: Carol Cordwell (01206 395103) Level 1 Coach: Trevor Matthews (07460732480) Level 1 Coaches : Becca McCrea Harwich Juniors is open to any children between 8 years and 14 years. There are always at least 2 adults present at a session. We meet at 10am at the Low Road carpark outside the Cricket Club at Dovercourt. The session lasts for around 45 minutes, so we are finished by 11am. Children can choose what they wear but they must have trainers on. All the training is outside so we adapt to the weather. The training provided is aimed at all abilities and ages, so that everyone can join in at their own pace. We try to provide a fun introduction to running while showing techniques which will help in the long term. Sessions begin with a warm up, then drills and the main part of the session (sprints, endurance, pace, etc). We have recovery activities with games and normally finish with relays. We have training sessions on the 1st, 3rd and 5th Saturday of the month. We don’t have any sessions in August. If you are interested, why don’t you come and try a few sessions to see if you like it? The cost for the year for all Juniors is £10. This is renewable in April. MARCH 2015: MEMBERSHIP IS NOW UP FOR REMEWAL. You may have been sent your renewals on line, but we have forms if you have not received them. The subs for the year are £10 for all Juniors. If you are over 11 years you have the option to join the UKA for an extra £12. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me Carol Cordwell on 01206 395103.
18-02-18Cross Country run by Hadleigh. Held at Duke Street, Hadleigh.website
09-01-20November 2017 Since September everyone has been working very hard at our Saturday sessions. It has been nice to see some new faces this term. We have done a variety of training and have been very impressed with the times the children have achieved. The cross country season has now started and we have been very pleased to see that some of you have taken part. It is always worth having a go. The weather has been quite kind to us but as it gets colder, please remember to bring enough clothing and gloves if required. There are only a few dates left before Christmas, Saturday the 18th November, Saturday the 2nd December and then our last session of 2017 on the 16th December when we will have our 1 mile Christmas run. This will be our last session of the year. We will then return on Saturday 6th January 2018. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, Carol, Becca and Trevor. SEPTEMBER 2017 On Saturday 15th July we held our Sports Fun morning. Around 26 children joined us for lots of fun activities. Becca started everyone off with a game of Shark attack, followed by a short warm up. Archie then led the children on a short run round the field. Edison was first back, followed by Anabel and then Corey. We then had a relay involving a cargo net for everyone to go under. This was followed by lots of races. The morning over ran (for which I apologise) but the weather was nice and hopefully everyone was enjoying themselves. Thanks to Janet and Archie for their help. We were pleased with the number of Juniors who took part in the 1 mile runs during the 5K series. We have some very fast runners. We hope you have all enjoyed the summer holidays and are ready for the autumn term. Our sessions will be on the 1st, 3rd and 5th Saturday of the month (unless stated otherwise). Although we would like to begin at 10am please note that we will definitely start at 10.10am and finish at 11am. The sessions last for around 45 minutes. We meet at the Cricket club car park, Low Road, Dovercourt. The Juniors are open to any children between the years of 8 and 14. Two adults aim to encourage the development of running for a mixture of abilities, through varied training and games Clothing is up to the individual but sensible trainers must be worn. Please note that as the weather gets colder you need to wear enough to keep warm. Don’t forget if you have a ‘Passport for learning’ we are authorised by the Children’s University to sign them for you. The Cross country season is starting at the end of October, so the Cross Country dates and details will be out next session. We welcome anyone who would like to try the Juniors and see if they would like to join us. Membership for the year is only £10 (renewable in April). website
10-01-20CROSS COUNTRIES 2017/2018 Very soon the Cross country races will begin and here is some information about them. Over the winter we have a series of Cross Country races. These occur on Sundays and will start at 10am. This means that they will take place before the adult races. It is advisable to arrive around 9.30am to allow time to book in, etc. Juniors over the age of 8 years old on the race day are able to take part in each race of approximately 1 mile. The race is normally set over a part of the adult Cross Country course. It is well attended and many prizes are awarded to the winners. There are also prizes for the different age groups. Juniors now need to be members of Harwich Runners as the cross countries races are only open to club runners. Jen Cannons is our new Junior Rep and she will be booking Junior’s into the races and making a note of their results. Her email address is: jen.cannons@gmail.com . So if you are interested in taking part, please let Jen know and she will give you any additional information you need. You can also ask me. There is no charge for taking part. Please note that cross countries can be cold, wet and muddy, but most find them very enjoyable, so why not have a go. You must now run in club colours. Some people wear spikes or trail shoes to run in, but trainers are okay as well. website

Coach: Carol 01206 395103